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Shanxi Tourism Industry Expo

Sponsor: Shanxi Tourism Administration

Organizer: BRE

Time: October 15, 2016 to October 18, 2016

Place: Shanxi Coal Trading Center


Launched and sponsored by Shanxi Tourism Administration, Shanxi Tourism Industry Expo 2016 starts this year and is designed to become a first-class expo with strong professionalism, wide participation, great influence and obvious effect, and an important trading platform for tourism industry at home and abroad.

Shanxi Tourism Industry Expo 2016 has the area of 12,000 square meters, and exhibition hall that is divided into exhibition areas with different themes including the urban exhibition areas of tourist industry in all places of Shanxi, exhibition area of tourist equipment at touring car campsite, exhibition areas of provincial tourism bureaus, exhibition area of tourist products, exhibition area of tourist commodities, exhibition area of special tourist food, activity area of main stage etc.


For the main purpose of promoting development of Shanxi tourism industry, brand and quality improvement of tourist equipment and commodities, display the tourist equipment and commodities in a centralized manner, and display and promote tourism products, promote local tourism resources and cultivate strong tourism brands. Promote the trading, exchange and cooperation, enhance the industrial level, and create a platform for promoting better development of Shanxi tourism industry through exhibition and display, information exchange, commercial negotiation, exhibition and sales of tourist commodities and products and other links.



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